In this Washington Post op-ed, former Director of USCIS León Rodríguez writes that, unless USCIS acts now to extend the immigration filing deadlines of individuals who are already in the United States, “foreign nationals and their employers face the awful choice between sacrificing lawful immigration status and risking both deadly infection and sanction for violating state [shelter-at-home] orders.”  Also, American Immigration Lawyers Association has demanded that, on or before March 27, the agency extend statutory or regulatory deadlines for immigration benefits, suspend all deadlines during the time of the COVID-19 national emergency, and extend any non-immigrant status, and otherwise maintain the status quo for purposes of eligibility for protection and immigration benefits processed by USCIS from March 11, 2020, when the president declared a national emergency, until 90 days after the president’s national emergency proclamation ends.

Watch this space!

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