“Deirdre O’Brien has navigated the difficult and choppy waters of US Immigration for me on behalf of several individuals from several companies. As you can imagine, immigration is a life-changing course for those who set out on it, and there is a lot of stress and uncertainty.

Amid this uncertainty, it’s great to have a trusted and trustworthy, ethical guide on the journey. It’s hard to dance through the hoops that Immigration wants you to go through, but… if you have the incredible talent and extenuating circumstances that happen often enough in technology companies, Dierdre can help your staff confidently proceed through the obstacles and achieve the end goal. It’s never a sure thing, but I put 100% trust in Deirdre’s work.”

Sean O’Sullivan

Managing Director, SOSV

At Orreco, from the beginning the United States was essential for us. As our business grew and we secured Silicon Valley venture capital investment, as founder I needed to be there full time.

From the very first call to the moment that I was informed that my US Visa application was successful, O’Brien and Associates were there every step of the way. 

They expertly helped us navigate the process and assemble all the necessary evidence, which was substantial. OB & A are not only experts in their field but are also a pleasure to work with.yoAt embassy interview, the Immigration official complimented the application and how well it was presented!  If you need a US visa, I would recommend a call to O’Brien and Associates as your starting point. We’ll continue to work with O’Brien and Associates for all of our team who require visas and are very grateful for their support.

Dr Brian Moore

CEO, Orreco

“Deirdre and her team went the extra mile. They are experts in US Visa law and process and were of huge help in navigating and fulfilling all of the various hurdles that applying for such Visas presents.”

Charlie Ardagh

Head of Partner & Ecosystem Development EMEA, Facebook & Instagram Marketing Partners

“We worked with Deirdre on several intra-company transfers and my own green card application and found the experience to be very positive. Deirdre and her team are true professionals, consistently exceeding expectations and it’s my pleasure to recommend O’Brien & Associates.”

Alistair Forsyth

CEO & Group Managing Director, Anaconda Global Holdings Ltd

“Deirdre represents our company on all our US inter company transfer applications. We have found her excellent to deal with and delivers a competent and on time service. She keeps her clients informed and displays a depth of knowledge on immigration law that is impressive. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an immigration specialist.”

Peter McGeough

President of Operations, Bapco Closures LLC

“My company used O’Brien & Associates services to file a new L1-B intra-company transfer visa petition following an unsuccessful attempt without their help. We used their services based on their excellent reputation in the field of U.S. immigration law. This second petition was approved without question and the visa was granted, which can be attributed entirely to the work of this outstanding firm.

During our initial consultation, Ms. O’Brien clearly described all viable options available to us, as well as setting realistic expectations of the likelihood of success. While assembling the visa application, she and her team described precisely what actions we needed to take, promptly responded to any queries, and operated with an outstandingly exceptional level of helpfulness, attentiveness, and professionalism.

Having seen the application process twice, both with and without O’Brien & Associates help, the contrast is stark to say the least. I must particularly stress the following important fact: behind the vague requirements provided by USCIS, there is a large, opaque set of supporting evidence that must be submitted for L1-B cases, unique to each candidate. The layman simply does not have the experience and deep understanding of immigration law required to assemble such a body of evidence.

O’Brien & Associates undoubtedly do. Any individual or organisation interested in U.S. immigration would certainly benefit greatly from their unparalleled expertise and services.”

Adrian Murphy

Senior QA Engineer, FieldAware

“O’Brien and Associates make the process of securing work visas for our employees clear and manageable from the outset. I would happily recommend O’Brien and Associates, and we continue to work with them for all of our US visa needs.”

John Paul Hartigan

CEO, Shadowman Sports Ltd.

“O’Brien & Associates made the process of obtaining a treaty visa as seamless as possible, providing solutions-focused advice and support throughout.”

Michael McGrath

CEO, Trace First Inc.

“Applications for work visa’s to the USA involve a complicated process. If you are even considering applying, I would recommend that you contact Deirdre in O’Brien and Associates immediately. They are extremely experienced in managing the application process for work visas and Green cards and I could not recommend them highly enough. They have managed my personal work visas and Green card applications very efficiently in the past and now all my company’s visa applications are exclusively handled by O’Brien and Associates. I am thoroughly satisfied with the service level that they bring to a difficult process.”

Enda Murphy

VP, Change Healthcare

“O’Brien and Associates achieved a superb result with professionalism and dedication in record time. I will always be a fan.”

Brian McGann

Managing Director, Focus Consulting

“Our group currently owns 4 bar/restaurants in New York with a fifth on the way. Only for Deirdre O’Brien the story could have been very different. While in the process of opening our first bar seven years ago we experienced some visa issues while working with another attorney. We turned to Deirdre at the last moment and she was able to turn around a very bad situation. Since then we have worked with O’Brien and Associates on a regular basis as we continue to grow and they have successfully guided us through the E visa process for several of our key investors and management. We are grateful to have built such a great partnership with Deirdre and would recommend that any small business looking to grow in the US do the same.”

Dave Mohally

Finance Manager, Wilfie & Nell

“Intuition has worked with O’Brien & Associates for many years on varied and sometimes complex visa applications. The attention to detail and responsiveness we receive from Deirdre and her colleagues is second to none. I would recommend O’Brien & Associates without hesitation.”

Bernie McArdle

General Manager, HR & Admin, Intuition

Following an acquisition in the US, The DPS group engaged O Brien and Associates to secure a number of Visas to allow some of our Senior Management relocate to the US. The advice and assistance that we received was first class and made the whole process both efficient and straight forward. DPS would highly recommend O Brien and Associates.”

Eddie Kent

Finance Director, DPS Engineering

“Having a division in the US meant we needed to send Irish expertise.  We found O’Brien & Associates advice and knowledge to be invaluable in processing our requirements.  If you want a professional job well done then I would highly recommend using Deirdre who is very insightful and understands how/what will work.”

John Byrne


“Deirdre O’Brien is a top-class US immigration lawyer who facilitated me getting a visa without fuss and with great courtesy. She is proactive, efficient and her knowledge and understanding of US immigration law and regulations is outstanding.”

Eoin Collins

Director of Policy Change, GLEN

“O’Brien & Associates have worked on 2 visa applications on my behalf to date, and I would highly recommend their services.  What sets them apart is a personal service and a real dedication to achieving the best possible outcome.”

Craig Ennis


“I would not hesitate to recommend O’Brien & Associates as US Immigration Attorneys. They make a painful process straightforward. I particularly appreciated the attention to deadlines and the timelines necessary to collect all the information. They also provide totally invaluable advice about the embassy interview process. All in all, proactive, efficient and practical.”

Mary Moore

Finance Trainer, The Matchett Group

“We have worked with Deirdre over the past 7 years on many Visa applications. Her knowledge of “the system” is amazing! We would (and have) recommend(ed) her without hesitation to other companies looking to do the same.”

John Allen, EVP

Business Development, TV Textbook

“Celtrak engaged O’Brien & Associates to secure an investment visa. Deirdre provided a no nonsense guidance through the whole process. Her professionalism and experience in dealing with US Immigration made the process relatively painless. I would happily recommend O’Brien & Associates.”

Mike McEnnis

VP, Celtrak Inc.

“The process of obtaining a green card through my US citizen wife was daunting but O’Brien & Associates achieved the desired result smoothly and quickly, with attention to detail and a friendly and personal service.”

Neal Rowland

TV Industry Professional

O’ Brien and Associates were invaluable in helping us acquire US visas for several of our staff.  They guided us through a long and complicated process very effectively and efficiently.  I would recommend their services highly.”

Adrienne Dolphin

Director, Rigney Dolphin and Relatecare

“Deirdre is a brilliant Immigration Attorney. From my personal experience Deirdre took the time to understand my company’s needs and my needs in advising of a suitable visa and the best process to take to obtain in a timely manner. In implementation she clearly detailed the documents needed and showed a lot of energy & efficiency in getting visa application together. I really appreciated her personal approach in ensuring my visa application was successful. I would have no hesitation in recommending her sincerity, honesty and knowledge.”

William Corcoran

VP, Consumer Technology and Business Services, IDA Ireland

“We have used O’Brien & Associates for several US visa applications over the last three years. Deirdre and her colleagues have always been a pleasure to deal with, understand the process thoroughly, and have been a huge source of expertise in helping us navigate our way through the process.”

Richard Bryce

CEO, Rockall Technologies

“I had the pleasure of working with Deirdre on several challenging immigration projects and cases. Besides having a very high level of integrity, she consistently demonstrated a high degree of expertise in very complex areas of immigration law. Deirdre was always very sensitive to the people behind the case and she consistently went above and beyond what was required of her to ensure a positive outcome for her clients. In addition, her style was open and inviting to any questions I had while we worked together and she always gave her time to provide guidance and respond to questions thoroughly. It was a pleasure working with Deirdre and I hope to do so again.”

Amber Easton

Technology Services Manager , Legislative and Independent Agency Operations at City of Detroit

“Deirdre is an excellent Immigration Attorney. Her vast wealth of experience and knowledge of the inner workings of US Immigration Law has secured 2 different visas for me on 3 separate occasions. She is incredibly efficient, honest and her attention to detail is second to none. I couldn’t recommend Deirdre more highly.”

Emma Buckley

Director of Nutrition, Gourmet Fuel Ltd

“Deirdre is an energetic entrepreneurial person – she has great ideas and wonderful motivation to complete projects – she is a pleasure to work with and i would recommend her to anyone.”

Kieran McGonnell

Owner, McGonnell Fine Art

“Deirdre is excellent, she made the entire Visa Process easy to understand and helped us along the way.

I can’t Recommend O’Brien and Associates highly enough!”

Ronan O'Brien

Startup Sales, Growth and Operations, TenderScout

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